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Consulting with a claim


The requirements of regulation wil be enhanced step by step regarding the safety of new materials, especially nanomaterials. Not only in Switzerland but also the complete European market and beyond will be regulated with respect to the possible risks for consumers but also for workers at their workplaces or the environment regarding the use of nanomaterials. In this scenario self-control has top priority!

NanoCASE supports you to consider safety aspects during the complete life-cycle of your products.


Increasingly authorities and regulators but also consumers and NGOs ask questions about the safe use of nanomaterials in daily products. Hence, a comprehensive risk assessment is needed.

NanoCASE offers a complete service, which enables you to give answers just in time.


You want to place safe products on the market.

NanoCASE evaluates on the base of possible exposure scenarios the possibility of biological effects and establishes a sound basis for self-dependent actions according to the up-to-date knowledge.


A deep evaluation of your products enables you to take precautionary measures on the basis of the latest information and actual knowledge.

NanoCASE supports you to assess your own products regarding their safety for your employees but also of consumers and the environment.

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