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The Empa, an institute within the Swiss ETH Area, supports the development of a safe and sustainable Nanotechnology. We offer reliable analytics of nanomaterials in various environments and a NanoSafety platform for in vitro measurements of acute biological effects. Our expertise with eco-balance (life-cycle-assessment) as well as stock flow modelling of nanomaterials together with the experience of knowledge transfer to the industry enable a holistic and comprehensive assessment of chances and risks of nanomaterials.


Dr. Thomas Epprecht

Corporate Consultant in Risk Governance

Zumikon / Zurich


Services / Experience:

Independent risk assessment at the interface of risk, regulation, technologies and incurance. Support of company-related questions on societal and political issues. Comprehensive analytics of possible threats and risks for a strong and risk-competent management. 20 Years of professional experinece with international active large enterprises. Main focus "New Technologies", in particular" Nanotechnologies".



The Fraunhofer ITEM (Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine) has an excellent experience in toxicology of particles and fibres. Main research is focussed on the effects on the respiratory tract – since 10 years nanomaterials are a strategic focus. The ITEM uses in vitro cell models for screening assays and in vivo tests, especially inhalation studies with rodents, for legal purposes and registration of new materials. Moreover, risk evaluation procedures as well as the support of ECHA registrations are offered. Numerous studies have been successfully carried out for public and industrial clients (e.g. for CNTs, SiO2, ZnO, CeO2 a.o.)



The division Air Quality & Process Aerosols deals with adsorptive, absorptive and filter processes for gas cleaning and air purification. One main focus lies on the filtration of aerosols. We offer support in research and development, for conception planning of new plants and the re-engineering of existing plants to the point of assistance at authorization procedure. The composition of independent expertise and making of atmospheric dispersion modeling completes our activities.


WESSLING Holding GmbH & Co. KG




Analytics and Consulting WESSLING offers a broad spectrum of activities in the field of nanoanalytics. Herein, we focus on highly qualified consulting, analytics and planning, specifically tuned to the individual needs of the customer. The experts at WESSLING support manufacturer, the processing industry and user of nanomaterials, to find the best solutions for working processes and applications.

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