Progress in Science and Technology

Expertise up-to-date

  • Knowledge with focus on nanomaterials and their safety aspects (risk assessment - health and environment)
  • Experiences from many national and European projects on establishing methods and research on biological effects of nanomaterials
  • Memberships in many scientific boards and huge networks; consulting experts for several European governments
  • Involved in the "Actionplan of Switzerland on Nanomaterials" and development of the precautionary matrix of Switzerland
  • Expertise in developing solutions of nanorelevant problems in companies incl. development of new strategies / introducing and accompanying implementation concepts; networking with further experts
  • Experience in the economic environment, not industry-sector specific, specifc insight in problems related to legal, political and societal relationships, mediation of legal certainty, project management, process organisation, risk assessment (business), identification of action alternatives
  • Biological testing and chemical analytics

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